The Bungas Valley



The Bungas Valley is located on the high sky smacking mountains of ‘Kaaji Naag’ mountain range in the north west of the valley of Kashmir, at a distance of 125 Kms from the summer capital of J&K state, the Srinagar. It comes within the administrative control of frontier district of Kupwara within the premises of Tehsil Handwara. On the map Bungas valley is confined within the latitude34.5’ south and longitude74.25’ east, elevated at an elevation of7000 feet above the sea level spread over an area of 100 square kilometres. Sky smacking mountains and hills, green coniferous forests of Deodar, Kail and Fir stand covering Bungas Valley from all sides. Infact Bungas Valley is an excellent meadowland site. It comprises of Scores of meadows with varied features. So far as land features of Bungas Valley are concerned it is contented with different soils. Chestnut soil is found in semi-arid and humid regions of Bungas Valley. Half bog soil is found in all marshy and swampy regions and Brown forest soil is found in the forest regions of Bungas Valley. High rocky hills and mountains are found dividing Bungas Valley into different parts naturally with beautiful passes and tracks. Famous and large meadows of the Bungas Valley are marshy which are mostly plain. Maximum temperature estimated during winter measures less than zero degree Celsius and minimum temperature considerably negative. Bungas Valley receives an average snowfall of the order of 10 to 12 feet normally. The Bungas Valley receives an average rainfall of the order of 30 inches a year. Extremely cool breezes accompanied by much more moisture are found roaming during daytime in the winter. Temperature begins to rise in the month of March. June, July and August are observed as the hottest months of the year in the Bungas Valley. Spring begins from mid- April in the region. Most of the parts of the Bungas Valley remain covered with snow even during spring season. Therefore evenings and mornings are very cold during springs. Summer season is the most pleasant season in the Bungas Valley .The entire valley gets dressed with variety of beautiful flowers and coloured plants. Melodies of birds and prances and dance of animals adds to the beauty of valley. Affectionate and pleasant breezes blow all over the The Bungas Valley & Constitution of a Society Thereof Pic: Javid Zargar/KN S 49 October 2015 Environment day but during the night rigorous cold leaves every creature shivering. Sky remains clear and sunny mostly in the summer and this continues up to mid-autumn in the Bungas Valley. The average maximum temperature during summer measures about 30 degree C and measures 10 degree C minimum range. In and around the Bungas Valley maximum humidity is of the order of 90% in air is seen during December to February and the lowest reading of the order of 35 to 40% is found during the months of June and July. Commonly very high humidity is found during winter and spring mornings. In terms of accessibility a survey was conducted by State Government to establish Bun gas Valley as a useful tourist destination. Final assessment was made by Government in collaboration with JKTDC and a model was prepared to work on the project In connection with the same plan a road was under construction in 1987-88 at the preliminary stage. Access to the Bungan Valley could be made by instillation of modern chairlifts on many sides. It would serve dual purpose, for accessibility and for entertainment. Entire Bungas Valley has enough conditions for constructing modern helipads for landing of helicopters. Whole area has enough conditions for conduct of aryl adventurous games like hellisking, hang gliding, parachuting etc. The Bungas Valley Development Youth Forum (Society) is a non-profit organization registered with Registrar of Societies, Government of J&K under societies registration act vide no 6254-S of 2012. The said society has been established with the vision to provide every person in the state of J&K an opportunity to strive for all round development of area of domain and positive transformation of society through collective effort with an emphasis on preservation of socio economic, cultural and ecological heritage. It shall be the endeavour of the (society) to bring in a permanent social change, the result of which shall be total transformation of society on every front. The (society) believes that occurrence of such change can happen by sharing and practising the message of perfect love and peace for total satisfaction of humanity. The (society) is committed to take up all the chances in build up of a healthy social set up through coordination with a thrust on preservation of socio economic, cultural and ecological heritage. As envisaged in the preamble of the constitution of (society) there is a need to strive for achievement of socio-cultural justice to our people, upliftment of downtrodden class of society, unity of all sections of society in addition to overall development of area of domain. (Author is Founder of The Bungas Valley Development Youth Forum)

By;Syed Rayees Iqbal Geelani

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