Kashmiri Autumn

       On the majestic Chinar trees the fleshy leaves are changing from green through crimson to yellow. Orchards are laden with ripe apples waiting to be picked. Paddy fields await the harvest and the marriage season is reaching its peak.

The fleshy leaves of majestic Chinar trees are changing from green through crimson to yellow with the onset of autumn in Kashmir. Known for its beautiful climate in all throughout the year. Has a typical European climate that can widely be categorized into four seasons as SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER.

AUTUMN – September to November – (18-25 Celsius during Day) to (10-15 degree Celsius in nights)

The most awaited season in Jammu and Kashmir sets in the month of September. It is autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Everything turns to gold. The sight of the landscape has a magnetic appeal then. The red carpeted gardens are a treat to the eyes. Temperatures rise to a maximum of 23 degrees in the morning but the nights are relatively colder. The weather is very conducive for the tourists to take delight in the sights, sounds and smell of this idyllic land. The vibrant valleys, the rustle of the fallen leaves, the fragrance of flowers are there to enchant you. The onset of autumn, perhaps Kashmir’s loveliest season, is towards September, when green turns to gold and then to russet and red. The highest day temperatures in September are around 23 degree Celsius and night temperatures dip to 10 degree Celsius by October and further drop by November, when heavy woollens are essential.

       For anyone coming to Kashmir in autumn nature could just not have been more rewarding.

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