First blog post

Striking ideas on the canvas of mind, 

Rolling emotions by the heart’s Wynd,

Let your hearts be kind and kind, 

Life is to travel and ways to find. 


A Rain

Copyright © by Aamir Aqeil Azfar

A Rain
Waking alone with cold heart.
Leaving memories from myself apart.
Remembering lies that she told with art.
On this road I begin a new start.

Patience is coming with drops of rain.
Tears rolling through grooves with pain.
Shivering lips calling almighty like a sane.
Looking backwards can’t see her again.

Success of joy is singing this rain.
Hope of love comes after this pain.
Success will come after those miles I gain.
Sky is not a limit but must attain.

After this breeze, Soul of joy will head start.
Energy will flow and will light my heart.
Sins will fall and will depart.
Aamir, Allah loves sinner after he restart.

By Aamir Aqeil Azfar