She told story with mould fire.

Hey Aamir come on , it is going fun,you must join.Are you coming; said Jack.ok I will come.

Hey Jack what’s up,Hi guys;I said and I joined the what a romantic waves with sleepy warm temperature.Aamir meet my friends; Jessica,lucy,pat. Hi guys I said.

Come on guys let’s play a game,”truth and dare”, said Lucy.who gonna start first. I will start,said pat in curious mood.

Truth or dare,dare,said;pat .

Scream like an idiot.said; Jessica.

Wohahowahhahahahooooooh!!!!!!!. Screamed pat.

Who gonna start next,i …said Lucy.Truth or dare.I  say for truth; Lucy in amazing mood.

Ok tell us about your love;jessica said,oh no no no; Lucy.You have to say.ok; Lucy

“Last year when we arrive in college after summer holidays.I met a guy, so smart and simple, gentle and innocent smile on his face.I fell in love with this guy,But I can’t express myself,so one I met sam in coffee shop. When I saw him, I  went straight towards him and I sat down on his table. You are so smart;I said.But sam said; well thank you,but I already have a Gf behind you coming towards us.Oh sorry . “I get up and move like a passing wind. Little drop of sarrow in my oceanic eyes.”, said; Lucy.


Life like waiting..

A story about people whom we think are strangers.

“The flight from New Delhi to Srinagar Kashmir has been delayed in short while we will announce new timing”. Oh no ,I was thinking what to do.Suddenly  I saw a bench. I sit down and said to myself in a soft tone that I am unlucky. “Sorry what you said” said a lady next to me.

I said; My flight delayed. She said: That is good. Sorry what you said, I asked  her.

It is ok don’t be sad, she said.

Thanks, I said to her.

Life  means waiting and in this world we are also waiting.She said.

Waiting for what, I said in an excited mood. Waiting for our stop until our role ends.I meant to be here that is why I am here,She said. Well said I told her.

Thanks, Hey by the way I am Ana Patrick.

I am Aamir , from Kashmir.I said.

Kashmir I love that place,And this time I am going to Kashmir after eleven years,she said in an excitement.

You don’t know how much I waited for this time.she Said.

I said waiting….. after all life is like waiting..