She told story with mould fire.

Hey Aamir come on , it is going fun,you must join.Are you coming; said Jack.ok I will come.

Hey Jack what’s up,Hi guys;I said and I joined the what a romantic waves with sleepy warm temperature.Aamir meet my friends; Jessica,lucy,pat. Hi guys I said.

Come on guys let’s play a game,”truth and dare”, said Lucy.who gonna start first. I will start,said pat in curious mood.

Truth or dare,dare,said;pat .

Scream like an idiot.said; Jessica.

Wohahowahhahahahooooooh!!!!!!!. Screamed pat.

Who gonna start next,i …said Lucy.Truth or dare.I  say for truth; Lucy in amazing mood.

Ok tell us about your love;jessica said,oh no no no; Lucy.You have to say.ok; Lucy

“Last year when we arrive in college after summer holidays.I met a guy, so smart and simple, gentle and innocent smile on his face.I fell in love with this guy,But I can’t express myself,so one I met sam in coffee shop. When I saw him, I  went straight towards him and I sat down on his table. You are so smart;I said.But sam said; well thank you,but I already have a Gf behind you coming towards us.Oh sorry . “I get up and move like a passing wind. Little drop of sarrow in my oceanic eyes.”, said; Lucy.

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