. A Way.

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Being Human

Copy rights by © Aamir Aqeil Azfar

Yes I am rarely rare!
Born out of 8 million species dear!
To be human of love and care.
Yes I am rare and rare.

Out in universe no one my pair.
Thanks to creator, whom I fear.
Yes I am rarely rare.
Like a diamond with coal I compare.!

Created for gentleness and neighbourly everywhere!
Yes I am rare out in air!
Aamir you have to dare and don’t fear.
Created for modesty, humanity and care.

Yes we are rare and rare.
Yes we rarely rare.

By Aamir Aqeil Azfar

Copy rights by ©Aamir Aqeil Azfar
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Copy rights by © Aamir Aqeil Azfar

The life of time is vast.
The time of life is fast.
The time is history in past.
Past was fast but lost.

Life in this world is fast.
Life about to come is vast.
Destiny of our lives is forecast.
But hold your faith up to last.

Some dream of castles very fast.
Fast but waves wipe the sandcàst.
Life after death is vast.
Build your faith steadfast.

Last but Aamir want to share it fast.
This Life is blast,life about to come is up to last.
By Aamir Aqeil Azfar