My Brother…

“Oh ALLAH you bestowed upon us gifts and blessing.

Oh ALLAH you moulded my brother with endless caring.”
“My childhood is priceless past.

With you my brother those days were fast.”
“You hold my hand up to school.

You bold my heart with golden rule.”
“You knot my tie, polish my shoe.

I got my bro, with whom a grew.”
“You taught me tricks, you bought me phone.

You fought for me, as you like grown”
“We share our beds, clothes and commode.

We dare first ride on that skid road.”
“You teach me lessons of truth and faith.

I reached my goal with your saith.”

“I got my courage, when we dare.

We explore the world,but you care.”
“So many things to tell of love and care.

I fear you here, so can’t I dare.”

“Aamir why can’t you share, as Yasir is there.

Brothers are meant for care, but Nasir is rare.”
(For my brothers especially Yasir.)

Copy rights by ©Aamir Aqeil Azfar

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